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Dock Club Membership

0203 206 1111

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The Dock Club offers contemporary, creative and innovative working spaces for today’s business people.  Providing you a base away from home, or your office, to work from, meet clients, or maybe just to relax and bask in the ambience.  With access to all other Dock Club sites, giving you the freedom to work from your desired location. We have a friendly and professional onsite team, only too happy to assist you in any way possible and offer admin support during your visit.  Another reason why Clarendon should be your number 1 choice.


Currently at Ealing Cross, Bath, Oxford – Sandford Gate and Poland Street in Soho.

Coming soon.. to Tottenham Court Road in London.

Meeting Rooms Serviced Offices 


Membership to the dock club includes:
  • Private meeting pods
  • Breakfast and lunchtime toasties*
  • Stylish co-working lounge
  • Complimentary bar after 15.30 on certain days
  • Complimentary soft drinks, coffee pods, water
  • Complimentary newspapers
  • Private Zen room in Ealing (the ultimate chill out space)
  • Exclusive membership
  • Projection screen + 4d TV


The Dock Club Soho at Clarendon
Dock Club Memberships
Ealing Cross Offices Clarendon
Dock Club Memberships
Clarendon Dock Club
Dock Club Memberships
The Dock Club Soho at Clarendon
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For further details or to enquire about membership to The Dock Club, contact our centre manager, on [email protected] or 0203 794 1111


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