Four reasons why you should use a head-hunter from Ascent Professional of Chester House

Frank Ingram and Matthew Bennett, owners of Ascent Professional Services, say: “Clarendon has been a great place to grow our business, and since we moved here and took an office we have attended many in-house networking events. As well as having a great working environment, we have made some great friends and business contacts along the way. We would love to expand our network even further so are offering all Clarendon clients and friends £1,000 off any final recruitment fees when you quote FLASH1.”

We sat down with Frank and Matthew at their office in Chester House and asked them to give us their top four reasons on why a business should use a head-hunter. Over to you Ascent Professional…

You might have a bit of spare internal resource. You probably have a fairly good idea of the candidate you want. And, of course, you’d like to minimise costs where possible. So, you might be wondering why you should use a head-hunter to help find your next management consultant. Here are four good reasons why to use a head-hunter, which may change the way you think about your next recruitment campaign.

1. A wider pool of candidates to choose from

Whether you have a few hundred LinkedIn connections or a good old-fashioned list of contacts, it’s fair to say that most senior consultants – particularly directors, partners and owners – know a decent number of people. However, bear in mind that these contacts are probably limited by your location and personal networks, and maybe just to people you’ve actually met. After all, it’s not necessarily your job to keep tabs on and build relationships with everyone who is potentially of interest in your industry.

Good is good, but then there’s the next level. Seasoned head-hunters have an expansive network of the right people from which to source great candidates for your vacancy, sometimes from across the globe. And if you want to find the best talent, it makes sense to cast a wide net. Head-hunters allow you to tap in to a network of top professionals, so you can find your perfect hire faster and avoid regrets about settling for the wrong candidate later on.

2. Head-hunters are skilled in recruitment

This is pretty obvious, considering head-hunters specialise in recruitment. It’s what they do day in, day out. Compared to running your own internal recruitment campaign, going to a head-hunter will most likely save time and money, while liberating your staff to concentrate on what they’re good at. As well as just finding candidates, head-hunters can also offer expert advice about other stages of the recruitment process, from writing a job specification to salary benchmarks.

3. Head-hunters know how to hire for senior roles

Hiring a top consultant isn’t the same as hiring a cleaner, a driver or a finance assistant. This is somebody who is going to shape the future of your business, and potentially bring in thousands or millions of pounds in revenue every year. And trust us, these sorts of people don’t come along all too often- so a wider network and the right recruitment etiquette is even more important.

In short: it’s essential to select the right candidate. The perils of getting it wrong go beyond wasting time and money – it could have a dangerous impact on the direction and culture of your company. Head-hunters have the specialist skill set necessary to recruit for high-level roles and are extremely familiar with the rigours of sourcing, vetting, shortlisting and selecting skilled professionals.

4. It’s incredibly cost-effective

Most head-hunters provide what’s known as a contingency search for candidates. That means you only pay a fee once you’ve found the right candidate for your vacancy. If you don’t like the candidates your firm finds, you don’t part with a penny. That means using a head-hunter is incredibly cost-effective compared to running your own recruitment campaign: doing the job specs, posting the job ads, marketing the job ads, sifting through CVs, conducting interviews and completing reference checks. Once again, this means you’ll still getting the best return from your own staff – who carry on doing what they’re good at – while leaving recruitment to an experienced head-hunter.

How can we help?

You have candidates to find. We can help you. Unlike other London-based head-hunters, we have global reach and place hundreds of skilled professionals every year. We can also act as a recruitment strategist, helping you to identify areas in your company where you should hire (and at what level). We can show you how your remuneration packages stack up with salary benchmarking. And we can source high calibre candidates for your management vacancies – either on a contingency or a retained basis.

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