Clarendon Convene is a new product which allows companies to share an office – a bit like a timeshare. You can book an office on a daily rate for your team to convene on ad hoc days – maybe to enhance the camaraderie, compliment working values and company mission, training or to work on a project.

Alternatively discounted rates are available on a monthly basis. You may choose to have office space for your business, for example, every Tuesday and Wednesday of the week. Allowing the team to work from alternative locations or from home on other days. This would help preserve the business identity, environment, culture and water cooler chat that helps colleagues share thoughts and ideas. The offices run on a clear desk policy and will need to be empty so they can be cleaned and sanitised at the end of each day.

Get in contact by completing the form below or calling 0845 0780370 to speak about how we can help tailor the package that suits you so you only pay for the space when you use it.

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