Clarendon Connect Membership – Key Benefits

Allow your business to thrive with our all-inclusive membership packages to suit your needs, the hassle-free solution to your workspace problems.

Clarendon’s vision has always been to offer high quality, flexible workspace environments with a focus on enhanced levels of customer service. Our vision has evolved towards making our centres exciting, stimulating workspaces with a contemporary, boutique feel, whilst still offering the best in customer care.

With this in mind, we have designed a membership package that offers the ease of having everything covered, all in ‘one place’, in one exclusive package.  Clarendon connect gives you the fantastic opportunity to make the most of Clarendon’s portfolio, group buying and bundled products in a unprecedented, unique tiered membership option.


Key benefits of the Clarendon Connect membership:

Clarendon Connect Benefits
Pricing and Packages

Clarendon Connect works on a three tier system: –

  • Tier One – Bronze

Any client that selects a Tier One membership, will be entitled to the below

    • Unlimited Dock Club Access
    • Parcel Acceptance
    • Photocopying
    • Half Day Free Meeting Room per Month
    • Free Perkbox Membership
    • Discounted Recruitment Fees


  • Tier Two – Silver

Any client that selects a Tier Two membership, will be entitled to the benefits listed in both Tier One and Tier Two.

    • Free dock club hire for events
    • 4 free guest access to dock club a month
    • Half day meeting room hire or office hire a month
    • Clarendon remote 3 months on leaving
    • Naked Networkerz 1 day workshop


  • Tier Three – Gold

Any client that selects a Tier Three membership, will be entitled to the benefits listed in both Tier One, Tier Two and Tier Three.

    • Half price local & national calls
    • Enhanced superfast connectivity
    • Office insurance
    • Free legal advice
    • 1 week a year office hire (subject to availability)

Becoming a Member

To become a member of Clarendon Connect and gain access to these unique perks or to gain more insight about the membership, exclusively available to Clarendon clients, you can contact us on the Clarendon Connect Hotline 0203 206 1111, email Abi Alderson on [email protected] or make an online enquiry.