Clarendon Business Centres welcomes Regenesis to Cambridge House.

We speak to Amanda Sterkenburg, REGENESIS’s marketing manager for Europe on what attracted them to Bath and what made them choose Cambridge House as their office location.

What REGENESIS do as a business

REGENESIS are a global environmental product and services company, specialising in the&in situ&remediation of contaminated land and groundwater. We work for environmental consultants, contractors and businesses with a contaminated land liability. Our projects take us all over Europe, ranging from petrol filling stations, rail and brownfield redevelopment sites, to defence and active manufacturing facilities.&

What made you choose to have an office in Bath?

We have a couple of offices in Europe, but Bath is where REGENESIS found its footing first outside of the US. As our staff are now all based in the local area, we’re here to stay. Besides, what is there not to like about Bath?

What made you choose Cambridge House?

When we were looking around Cambridge House, we were immediately attracted by the quality of its new interior, both in terms of design and functional layout. We’re pleased with our new office and the building itself, it really works for us.