Another fabulous client event at Marble Arch, wine tasting in style

Our clients at Marble Arch were treated to an educational evening of Wine Tasting on the 19th October. Master Of Wine, Ali Cooper, not only provided our clients with his in-depth knowledge about wine over a fine glass or two but we opened up the tasting to other clients within the building and saw new friendships blossom.  Clarendon staff and our in-house clients enjoyed listening to Ali’s tasting tips and sampling the wine selection he bought along in a jubilant atmosphere.

Ayrin Choudhary, team organiser for Network Rail Consulting said; “I attended the wine tasting event, held by Clarendon and it was a huge success! Throughout the evening we tried several different wines, all of which were delightful and refreshing. Our wine connoisseur was very informative, giving us his in-depth knowledge of the origins of each of the wines. I genuinely enjoyed the evening, as it also provided a chance to get to know other people who work within the offices in the same building as us, I will be looking forward to attending this event again!”

We value this positive and excellent feedback and do look forward to holding more complimentary networking events here at Marble Arch. Until the next time!