News – Fulham: Introducing Our Clients – Cosmonauts!

Cosmonauts&Ltd&is a London-based B2B Business development advisory and bespoke corporate events company who are one of our clients that are based in Chester House, Fulham. We catch up with the team at Cosmonauts to find out what they do and why they chose Chester House as their office base.

What do you do?
We go beyond the traditional advisory services and offer marketing and business development support and strategy precisely tailored to your industry of operation and directly link you with your targeted market. We embed ourselves in your sales and marketing department. Whether we choose to work from our London based office or on-site at your preferred location, we will support you in building a top tier business development operation, whilst maintaining high levels of efficiency and generating direct economic growth.
We produce and manage events
We offer small and large scale event organisation. Whether you like to be the brand owner of the new flagship event within your industry or organise a smaller industry gathering to drive awareness and create an opportunity for new business, we are the professionals for the job. From production and logistics; to speakers and attendee recruitment, we look after it all. &All in one package, all done by professionals with sustainable experience in the sector.
Our pro bono programme
We support social impact projects on a pro-bono basis in both public and the private sector that have developed unique humanitarian and/or environmental products or services. Our multidisciplinary team will help your organisation to raise funds or back your sales operation to increase revenues for further development of those critical solutions.
What made you choose one of the Clarendon business centres?
“Initially when looking for an office space, we hoped to find a place that combined both the standard comforts of our own office and the interactive set-up of a shared office spaces. Xxx Clarendon Business Centre was one of the few places that were offering this dovetailed approach to office facilities. It’s central location meant that the office was easily accessible for all of our employees and clients. On top of that we were extremely pleased by the shared outdoor and indoor areas, gym and all the perks and events organized by the office management.
We are very happy with our choice and would strongly recommend Clarendon to any start-up or already established firm looking to relocate”.