NEWS – London: 5 Reasons why you should rent an office at Marble Arch

There is something social with an element of food or drink going on every day of the week at Marble Arch, this homes in on one of the many benefits of taking a serviced office with us.

Fruit Mondays

Every other Monday our health conscious front of house team will make up a fruit basket for your office to collect from reception. Each basket will contain a selection of seasonal fresh fruit for you to enjoy throughout the week. Our team will deliver the fruit basket to your office and when you have finished with it simply return the basket to us ready for the following Monday refill.

Pizza Tuesdays

Who doesn’t love pizza? On the second Tuesday of the month, Dominos will be calling in at 12.30pm with pizza so remember to put a reminder in your diary to& pop down to reception and join us for a slice or two.

Water Wednesdays

It is a fact, we don’t drink enough water. We should be drinking up to 8 glasses of water every day, drinking water little and often is the best way to stay hydrated. Not just on Wednesdays but every day of the week we fill and keep topped up two large kilner jars complete with fruit to infuse the water at reception for you to help yourself.

Beer Thursdays

Every Thursday we offer cold complimentary beer straight from the beer fridge on the ground floor between 4pm – 6.00pm. A great way to wind down on a busy day.

Sweetie Fridays

Every Friday at reception we have an ultimate pic n’mix station loaded with retro sweets available for you to help yourselves to. In addition, any meeting room booking you make, you will receive 20% off room hire with complimentary tea and coffee.

Pay day

To help celebrate pay day, on the last Friday of the month there will be cake and prosecco on the 1st floor to help see in the weekend from 4pm – 6pm..

And in even MORE news…..&Have you seen our electric scooter?

We have just purchased an electric scooter in Marble Arch to help you get between meetings around the city in the same way that you have been able to with the Brompton bike. Just pop via reception and ask if you can borrow it.