Tideway Fills Up Riverbank House

Riverbank House are glad to be the new home of Tideway, drivers of the innovative organisation delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Tideway are upgrading London's sewerage system to cope with the demands of the city well into the 22nd century.

Here’s a little bit about Tideway’s latest project:


“After years of study, construction work for the new 25 kilometre interception, storage and transfer tunnel running up to 65 metres below the river, known as the Thames Tideway Tunnel, will start in 2016.

Starting in west London, the main tunnel generally follows the route of the River Thames to Limehouse, where it then continues north-east to Abbey Mills Pumping Station near Stratford. There it will be connected to the Lee Tunnel, which will transfer the sewage to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works.

Overflows of untreated sewage into the tidal River Thames add up to tens of millions of tonnes every year. This is unacceptable and the Thames Tideway Tunnel will clean up one of the world’s iconic rivers.&

Built from three main construction drive sites in Fulham, Battersea and Southwark, the Thames Tideway Tunnel is expected to take up to seven years to build, at a cost of £4.2 billion (2014 prices). It will require the use of&24 construction sites, 11 of which are located along the river bank. The main tunnelling work will start in 2016.

The Tunnel’s West project has just moved into Riverbank house and the Office manager Wendy Elliot says ‘The offices with Clarendon are brilliantly located just a short walk from our project site. With the gym, garden areas and other great facilities the offices ticked so many boxes for each of the companies that are working together on this joint venture’”

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