Well & Truly Move to Chester House

"Company name: Well&Truly Ltd.


Company description:


Maria and I (co-founders) set up Well&Truly in 2016 as we saw a gap in the market for a brand with great tasting on-the-go and snacking products that were also better for you.&Why add something unnecessary or overcomplicate a product when ‘All Natural’ ingredients speak for themselves. That’s the foundation of Well&Truly, and we set out to change snacking so that healthier didn’t mean boring or tasteless.

Well&Truly is built upon making simple swaps towards a better diet, using creativity rather than additives to make an interesting and tasty product. Using familiar snacks that appealed to the mass market, we took away artificial flavourings and nasties to make a range of&healthier&snacks. We are currently stocked in over 1,000 stores nationwide including Tesco, Co-op, WholeFoods Market and&Independents in London.

We’re on a mission to get the UK to #EatWellLiveTruly through making delicious yet healthier everyday snacks.


Why did you choose Clarendon:

We chose Clarendon as our first office space due to the&flexibility it gives us as we grow. Health&and fitness is also important to us so proximity to&the river and the gym were great attractions for us.&