Reflex Focus – Talentful joins Russell Square

We’re extremely pleased to be welcoming Talentful to Reflex who’ll taking up one of our largest offices in the recently refurbished Russell Square.

The company specialise in scouting the best of the best, finding and recruiting the finest quality candidates for start-up businesses. The team at Talentful come from the most experienced backgrounds and an array of innovative and successful companies.

Here’s what the team are all about:

“We specialise in talent acquisition for businesses with technology at their core.

One of the hardest tasks for any leadership team is finding people who match up to the quality of the founders, especially in competitive markets.

Talentful was born from our experience that recruitment suppliers rarely serve the client.

Our founders have worked in recruitment for seventeen years in companies such as Shazam, Audible, Forward3D and Mind Candy, so they know exactly what works for hyper-growth businesses.

We are now fourteen people strong, and growing. We've worked with over thirty companies in the past ten months, so the whole team has amazing experience working in-house at companies such as Zopa, Lost My Name, Octopus Investments, Dr. Ed, Magic Pony Technology and Trainline.

We know how to scale companies;&we're doing it for ourselves.&

For our smaller clients we offer a halfway house, where we make their first few hires and spend a little time onsite with the main focus on keeping costs down while focusing on quality. We only work on a retained and exclusive basis, but this means our fees can be more cost-effective than a contingency recruitment agency.

Companies such as Lost My Name, Magic Pony Technology and Rufus Leonard use our Basecamp team to hire.

For those clients who need to scale quickly we offer the chance to hire a full team on an interim basis. This can be one, two or three people, and can be comprised of specialists tailored to the exact needs of your team.&

Companies such as Trainline, Zopa and Audible use our Pioneers team to hire.

Why leave your hiring to chance? Get in touch

When you want to hire someone for your c-suite, come to us.

The kind of CEO, COO, CPO or CTO you want to hire is highly visible, at the top of their game and generally connected to us.&

Take advantage of our position in the Centre of the startup community in London by using TalentfulX to supercharge your executive hiring.”

To learn more about what services Talentful have to offer, you can visit their website at

For more information about our newest Reflex offices and our latest availability please call&Justin Wigodsky&on&020 7291 0644or email:&[email protected].&