5 tips on hosting a more productive and engaging meeting

Across our portfolio of Business Centres, we have several meeting rooms that can be booked by the hour, for a half-day or a full day. From board room meetings to interviews, strategy planning sessions or a training day complete with catering and full hospitality.  Here are some of our top tips on how to host a productive and engaging meeting with an element of fun.

Cambridge House Meeting Room

Cambridge House in Bath has 3 meeting rooms

  1. Change the venue and location of your meetings

If you host regular meetings with the same staff, don’t use the same meeting room time and time again.  Mix it up, a change of familiar scenery works wonders for team morale. In warmer weather, parks and outside space can be used as a meeting venue or a sunny roof terrace available at Chester House and Cambridge House complete with refreshments on hand as and when you need them.

  1. Finish the meeting with a team building exercise

     When the meeting finishes why not reward your team with a fun team building exercise? There are several companies that provide activities such as wine and cheese tastings, sushi making, or you could organise a treasure hunt across the city that can consist of a visit to a pub or two.  Team building exercises don’t have to be big or expensive, you can do them on a small scale and by adding them to the end of the meeting gives staff a wonderful incentive to be fully engaged throughout the meeting beforehand.

  1. Factor in plenty of breaks

At the end of every hour, pause for a break. By giving your team a break regularly throughout the meeting it gives them time to refresh and recharge.  Our front of house team is on hand to keep your coffee and teas topped up as well as water and other soft drinks. In addition to drinks, food is always gratefully received at meetings, from fresh fruit to bowls of sweets, bacon butties to a sumptuous finger or fork buffet at lunch time.

  1. Surround the team with visuals

We are naturally drawn to images, it makes us respond better. If your presentation contains lots of facts and figures, an image supporting this information makes us remember 65% of that information. Compare this to 10% if the information is given as plain text without any visuals.  Use the available screens in our meeting rooms to illustrate your meeting notes, from images to infographics, videos clips or graphs.

  1. Remember the basics

Make sure your meeting room has plenty of natural daylight, fast and reliable broadband and comfortable  seating. These small things add up to the big things. Ensure there is chilled still and sparking water on the meeting table, the room is set at the right room temperature and that you have a clear agenda set for the purpose of your meeting.

Ealing Cross Meeting Room

Ealing Cross has 3 meeting rooms and a a business lounge – The Dock Club

If you want to discuss your next meeting and ways in which you can do things differently or if you would like to receive further information about any of our meeting rooms at Clarendon Business Centres, please give us a call on 0845 078 0370 or email [email protected]